latest embroidery work blouses

  1 here the black color silk blouse designed with heavy zardosi embroidery work around the neck and  shoulders .it is high neck maharani type blouse.with full sleevs saree blouse .the blouse most suitable for silk sarees. the cream color shimmer blouse designed with floral embroidery work around the neck and blouse hands designed with pearl work with embroidery this kind of blouses most suitable in parties which gives rich look and glittering in the party.

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designer lehenga choli


BRIDAL LEHENGA: Bridal lehenga is a type of wedding dress.this kind of dress is most popular in asian countries mainly in india and pakistan .from ancient days lehenga has a great history .when the country ruling in mughal time.people belive that lehenga resembles like a skirt ,but there is a difference between skirt and lehenga.the designing of the lehenga varies from the skirt. DESIGNER LEHENGA CHOLI: the lehenga  choli is a ethnic and traditional look,designer lehenga is designed with different ,cotton,georgette,some may be designed with silk cloth.the ethnic wear lehenga is a most suitable dress worn in weddings,receptions and parties.appears …

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latest designer saree blouse sleevs designs

blouse sleevs design are different types,they may be simple ,designer and cutom made saree blouses.the latest fashion blouses are designer blouse back design,it can be designed with heavy embridery  work ,stone work ,mirror work,blouse sleevs design is also be work with this kind materials.they may be cap sleevs,full sleevs,and sleevless bollywood the designers design this kind blouses only,by using different shades and colors.the blouse may be contrast  or similar color.the custom made blouses designed with the decision of female customers.the blouse neck designs may different types which we can select.this kind blouses are more stylish and more wearing …

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latest blouse design catalogue 2013

silk Saree-Blouse-Design

The choli or the blouse has captivated the fascination of Indian men and women, alike. Thus designing blouses and paying special attention to details of the designs on them, is a usual Fashion service, long in practice. we provide a range of the most exclusive and beautiful designer blouse back designs. Your body is our Easel…!! BLOUSE NECK DESIGNS: The grace of a blouse is decided by the kind of cuts it has on the back and front and the kind of designing done. Ladies can decide from a range of designer blouse back designs- backless blouses, halter necked blouses, …

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latset blouse back neck designs 2013

dori blouse

blouses too have progressed from being simple to being classy, modish and in vogue with their fabric, make, designs, back make etc. Not only a good fit, a good neck design adds to the blouse’s image of being tailor made for a woman.Heavily printed blouses should have simple back designs. If printed blouses are created with complex designs, it can give the wearer a weighty look. A good blouse can alter the entire look of the saree. Designers across the world have tried to blend in several designs with sarees but what gives the Indian look an edge over others is …

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latest blouse sleevs designs

sonam-kapoor- PUFF SLEEV saree

Certain points have to be kept in mind before deciding the back design for a blouse. The back make of a blouse depends upon the sleeves of a blouse. Women often intend to go sleeveless when the back of a blouse is low but it is the other way round. A deep back looks good with long sleeves. The reason behind this is contrast that is created with a deep back and long is a defferent styles and different kinds  of blouse sleevs design depends upon our wish.they may be quarter sleevs,3/4th sleevs,cap sleevs,sleev less,full length sleevs,puffed sleevs or …

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blouse back neck designs

latest trend blouse

Saree is not only the national dress of India, it has by far been the most likeable attire not only by women in India, but by women from various parts of the globe. A must accomplice with a saree is a blouse as it is an integral part of a saree and one important aspect of a good blouse is the neck designs, especially at the a days these blouse back neck designes is hot trend in fashion and make a trend set.there are many designs in blouse back neck designs.accordind to their personality they can choose it.

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